Patti Fraser | Publications
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Publications Written Work

Fraser, P. (2022) The Thin Blue Line. Longlisted for the CBC Nonfiction Literary Prize.


Fraser, P., Harrison F., Fels, L. (2017) A Walk, a Question, and Missives from the West Coast. Video Dispatch. Studies in Social Justice Special Themed Issue. Visual Research and Social Justice, Brock University. 


Fraser, P. (2017). Our Health Depends on The Stories We Tell: Digitally storytelling with the art health and seniors project. The Muse. Beneath the Surface, Spring 2017, McMaster University.


Fraser, P. (2016) The Story of Summer Visions: And the creation of a new public in a community-engaged youth media program. Linking Education and Community: Present and Future Possibilities. LEARNing Landscapes, Vol.10, No.2, Fall 2016.


Fraser, P. & Harrison, F., (2016). Art For? Framing the Conversation with Steven Hill. Arts International, University of Alberta, Vol.1


Fraser, P. (2015) The Digital Shrine: Community Engaged Art And Sharing Of Memory With Seniors, Artful Inquiry: Transforming Understanding Through Critical Engagement. LEARNing Landscapes, Vol.9, No.2, Spring 2016


Fraser, P. (2012). Vampires and oil spills. In Chambers, C., Hasebe-Ludt, E., Leggo, C., & Sinner, A., (Eds.), A Heart of Wisdom: Life writing as empathetic inquiry in series Complicated Conversations. New York: Peter Lang Publishers.


Fraser, P. (2009). Remembering Augusto. In Salverson, J. (Ed.), Popular Political Theatre and Performance. in series Critical Perspectives on Canadian Theatre in English.Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press.


Fraser, P. (2009). In the Field. In McLean, C. (Ed.) Inquiries for Hope and Change. Calgary: Temeron Books.


Fraser P, (2003). The River, Urban Coyote, New Territory, Lost Moose: Whitehorse, Yukon


Fraser, P. (2002), Losar, Bodhi 5(4), Nalandabodhi, Seattle, WA, USA


Fraser, P. (2001). the territory. Crank Magazine 1, Love and Rage Soc., Vancouver, B.C.

Fraser P. & Salverson, J. (2000) Boom, International Plays for Young Audiences II, Roger Ellis Ed., Meriwether Publishing/Contemporary Drama Service; Colorado Springs, CO, USA


Fraser P. (1994), The Equinox, September 24, 1993, Witness to Wilderness. Breen-Needham, Duncan, Ferens, Reeve, Yates (Ed.) Arsenal Pulp Press, Vancouver, B.C.