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Patti Fraser, Ph.D., is the 2013 recipient of the Vancouver Mayor’s Art Award for Community Engagement. Her work is dedicated to helping communities artistically represent multiplicities of perspective in democratic and collective creative practices. She has been a community-engaged artist for over 30 years.

Her work focuses on the use of narrative to investigate vital issues the community shares through a variety of artistic mediums. Patti also works with numerous organizations in story development and script writing.   Her curricular, research, and artistic work has been recognized as best practices in a diversity of fields including the Chee Mahmuk Aboriginal Education Centre with the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control, the Canadian Council for Refugees, and the Canada Council for the Arts.

She was an artist-in- resident for four years in the Arts Health and Seniors Research Project.   In 2008 she conceived and created in collaboration with Corin Browne, the Digital Shrine, for Mountainview Cemetery’s Night for All Souls.   Her collaborative work in professional theatre has been nominated for three Vancouver Jesse Theatre Awards.

She has written and performed for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and produces documentary films.   She is a founding member of Leaky Heaven Circus and founding member of the nationally recognized Summer Visions Film Institute for Youth

She holds a Doctorate in Curriculum and Pedagogy in Arts Based Research from the University of British Columbia. Her research was funded by the Social Science and Humanities Research Council.

Currently she is the co-Artistic Director of the Housing Matters Media Project with Corin Browne.

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